About Us

Started on June 1, 2010

Physics Of Demise is a 4 piece Melodic Death Metal band that was formed in the summer of 2011, to deliver raw, face melting metal to the Connecticut scene. Each¬†member has been in countless bands through out the years and want nothing more than to make music for the rest of their lives. A fully dedicated band with future goals to achieve, these guys plan to give it all they got at each and every show they play. Physics of Demise released their debut album titled :”Farewell To Better Days” in 2012. Each song brings to the table, melodic tones, hard hitting riffs and technicality that offers a different style of metal that your use to. All information and media on Physics of Demise, including name, music, logos, symbols, and personal info on this page are Copyright to Physics of Demise (Mike, Tony, Michael). ¬©Physics of Demise Enterprises Inc. – 2013

Band Members
  • Mike Mateo – Vocals/Guitar
  • Michael Simmons – Bass
  • Tony Polley – Drums
  • Drew Seymour – Vocals/Guitar